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Yes, we can do it !

We are well aware that wiki idea has been adopted much more rapidly in Europe (France, Germany, and Scandinavia) than in North America, and, thus don't want to exclude people from these areas from contributing to what we want to be an international community.
If you (or anyone else) has any suggestions on the best course of action for localization, please feel free to post it to the site. [ProductWiki]
Et pourquoi pas ici ?

What's so great about ProductWiki anyway?

ProductWiki has the lofty goal to create the world's largest free product catalog. We have seen the success of Wikipedia and wiki technology, which has encouraged us to walk along the wiki path.

Our software is inspired by pre-existing wiki software, while at the same time attempting to extend the world of wikis. We've also drawn inspiration from other social software sites like and digg.

Here is a short list of what we believe to be our best features:

  • open-content - anyone can read, edit, copy, paste, download, redistribute or use our content for free
  • product organization - we use sophisticated software to help you find what you're looking for
  • breadth - you could just as easily research jeans or robots as Taiwanese Barrelmen
  • depth - we've built enough flexibility into our system that as we grow, our information can also grow
  • community - last, but not least, ProductWiki is made out of people

Key Policies

  • Don't infringe on Copyrights. ProductWiki operates under the GNU Free Documentation License.
  • Respect other contributors. This site is a collaborative effort, if you can't get along with members of the community, get out of the sandbox.
  • No obscene content. This site is for product information ONLY.

Objective vs Subjective Content

For those of you that are familiar with wikipedia, ProductWiki is different in that we welcome and support subjective content. By providing areas for both objective and subjective content, it's important that contributors are clear on where to put each type.

Descriptions for product types, properties, and products should only contain objective facts. Articles and discussions are the appropriate place for subjective and opinionated content, they can be used for reviews, impressions, an exchange of views or just general thoughts.

New Property vs New Product Type

When adding products there sometimes comes the need to expand the classification system. Often it's unclear whether or not to add a new product type or add a new property. As a rule of thumb, if the new product type will have new properties, then a new product type should be added, otherwise simply add a new property.

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